About our meetings

Sample Exchanges

Mastering Weave Structures by Alderman,
Sharon – FIH Swatch Exchange May 2005 and Design Collection Errata.

Crackle & 4H Skipped Twill:  Color & Weave Effects – a Sample Book of Swatches (49) based on the color exercises of Betty Vera, woven by Betty Dykstra & Sally Orgren.

Crackle-More Bang for the Block – FIH swatches 2007.

The Esther Gallup Notebook – a special collection of swatches and drafts. (two different editions).

Holma-Helsinglands Sab (Book of linen yarn samples, 2006).

Monk’s Belt: Color & Weave Effects – A Sample Book of Swatches (28) based on the color exercises of Betty Vera and woven by Sally Orgren.

“Planned” Color Surprises – Weaving with Variegated Yarns – An FIH Sample Exchange Workshop with Betty Vera, June 13-14, 2005.

Sett Exchange – FIH Sample Exchange Nov-Jan, 2006.

Tapestry Notebook – a special collection of tapestry information collected by Esther Gallup.

“Threads Of Our Lives (TOOL)”  FIH Sample Book, January-April 2003.

“Woven at Home” – A Sample Book Exchange Workshop with Marjie Thompson, March 2008.


Pamphlets & Miscellaneous

Bazaar Novelties and Gifts by Beehive Patons & Baldwin.

FIH Lecture & Workshop Notes of Esther
Gallup, donated in March 2007 in
celebration of her 100th birthday.

History of the Frances Irwin Handweavers Guild as recounted by Cordelia Cafone.

Knitting instructions. Dalegarn NR – 66.

Knitting instructions. Thunder Bay VM-Genseren. Dalegarn 1995.

Romberg, Jenean. Let’s Discover Papier-Mache. Arts and Crafts Discovery Units,
The Center for Applied Research in Education, Inc. 1976.

Scrapbook of Frances Irwin Handweavers photos, newspaper articles, etc.

Selected Articles by Esther Hoagland Gallup, published in The Weaver.

Miscellaneous instructional sheets, pamphlets and woven swatches from the
original FIH group.

Instructions on Borders & Patterns collected by Dot Petersen.


Video Workshops from Victorian Video Productions:

a) Beginning Four Harness Weaving by Deborah Chandler.
b) Dressing the Loom by Constance LaLena.
c) Fundamentals of Handspinning by Rachel Brown.
d) Tapestry Weaving (Level II) by Nancy Harvey. 
Esther Gallup’s interview on July 20, 1999 at  Valkill Stone Cottage, Hyde Park, NY – 20 min. 

Video: Featherweight Felt by Sharon Costello.

Peter Collingwood DVD 2-disk by Complex Weavers, 2008.

Introduction to Needle Felting (sculpting a doll with Sharon Costello.) VHS

Demonstrations 2009 - Surface Design Assoc. International Conference, Kansas City, MO. USA  DVD.

Digital Printing on Textiles with Hitoshi Ujiie. CD

Summer & Winter to Taquete - lesson on a disk (16 shaft) Lillian A. Whipple.