About our meetings


Note: Meetings will be held in the Green Township Building, Green Township, Sussex County, New Jersey, starting in 2018

Please note that calendar dates and topics are subject to change.

SEPT 10,2018 “What I did over the summer with my weaving”. FIH Members report on Convergence, other classes and workshops they attended over the summer. Show and tell of items made over the summer.

Cuyler presents 4th Annual Weaving Challenge due April 2019.

OCT 8,2018 Betty Gonter. Basket program. Hands on opportunity to weave a small basket.

 NOV 13, 2018 “Plain Weave is anything but plain”. With the use of member looms, hands on opportunity to try many different plain weaves - an amazing array from a simple thing!

DEC 12, 2018 TUESDAY  HOLIDAY LUNCHEON: at Stroudsmoor in Stroudsburg, PA  Coordinator: Pat Sole

JAN 14, 2019  Acadian Weaving program with Patti Chrisman and Pat Sole

FEB 11, 2019  Online Tapestry program with Rebecca Metzoff. Members would come to the meeting and view a about tapestry weaving.

MARCH 11, 2019  Tips and Tricks/skill builder. Member volunteers share skill boosters, reminders, tips in a round robin setting.

 APRIL 8, 2019  ***** It is for the membership to decide if they would like a paid workshop in April. If so, the 2019 “When I Weave My World” challenge will be the May program. If not, the challenge will be presented in April and another program will be decided for May.

 MAY 13, 2019 TBA See above

JUNE 10, 2019  TBA

 June 27-30, 2019 MAFA Conference, Millersville University, Millersville, PA