About our meetings


Note: Meetings will be held in the Green Township Building, Green Township, Sussex County, New Jersey, starting in 2018. Meetings are held the second Monday of the month, unless the date falls on a Federal holiday such as Verterans Day or Columbus Day, then the meeting date may be altered.

Please note that calendar dates and topics are subject to change.

2021-2022 FIH Programs   
Date            Title                                       Presenter                  
AUGUST 9     Outdoor get-together &  Rice Bag   Ellen Phelps    / in person           
SEPTEMBER 13        What I did over the Summer –   in person / zoom  
Finishing up the Rice Bag              
OCTOBER 11     Sampling is NOT a Dirty Word   Ruby Leslie  / zoom              
NOVEMBER 8     Ice Dyeing    Jessica Kaufman  / zoom  
DECEMBER 13    Holiday Exchange / Flax Program?   Ellen Phelps? /  TBD
JANUARY 10, 2022 Saikiori History & Demo Amanda Robinette / zoom                                                                                     
FEBRUARY 14, 2022 Swedish Trip    Sally Orgren  / zoom                                        
A trip to Sweden for a family reunion in 2019 evolved into two weeks of non-stop textile adventures for  Sally Orgren. Enjoy behind the scenes tours of Östergötlands Ullspinneri (a wool spinning operation),  Klässbols  Linneväveri (four generation linen factory), Almgrens Sidenväveria (Stockholm silk museum),  and some of the student textile work exhibited at the University of Borås in this presentation. Tag along virtually as Sally visits textiles recovered from the Vasa, a famous Swedish ship that sank in 1628.
MARCH 14, 2022   Tartans   Mary McDonald   / zoom 
Basic concepts of tartan will be covered:
1. Description of tartan. All tartans are plaids, but not all plaids are tartans. Basic weave structure, following registered setts for authenticity. 
2. How tartan was used by Scots, Irish. 
3. Different types of tartans: clans, professional, military.
4. Within each clan: everyday tartan, dress tartan, hunting tartan. How and why they are different. 
5. Scottish Registry
6. Can we alter thread sett or change colors and still call it a tartan? (Technically, no)
Time for questions and discussion will follow the presentation.
APRIL 11, 2022     Challenge Prep ( Create your own Tartan)    zoom / in person TBD   and UFO’s (Unfinished Fiber Objects)     If you're like most weavers, your weaving room is filled with UFO's. These are not from outer space but are the Unfinished Objects that     have collected over time. We originally started these projects filled with enthusiasm but along the way something went wrong. By        sharing your UFO with the guild, maybe our members can figure out a way to get you back on track. AND . . .   let’s see what you have come up with SO FAR from our last month’s program on Tartans.   Final results to be presented at September 2022 meeting.
MAY 9, 2022 Sardinian Weaving   Kelly Manjula Koza    zoom / in person    Kelly Manjula Koza, the founder of Sardinian Arts, helps the few remaining handweavers on this beautiful Mediterranean island by educating the public about the textiles, weavers, and traditions of Sardinia. Through her presentation she is trying to protect and promote Sardinian textiles in a sustainable and ethical manner.
JUNE 13-14-15, 2022  Workshop     Ruby Leslie   TBD                             “Bumberet: a Weavers Recipe for 4-shaft Ribs and Chicken feet”. Minimum 12 participants
Hungry for a hearty, versatile weave structure? Whether you pronounce Bumberet as “bum-ber-et” or “bum-ber-ay” this 4-shaft wheel weave structure is a delight to work with. Usually thought of as a warp dominant textured weave producing ribs (or chains), it can also be woven as flat cloth with a chevron pattern that looks like chicken feet (or hearts)! Ruby will explain various ways to set up the threading, tie up and traveling to produce a variety of patterns. Learn how to introduce complex color patterns in a weave structure that is not often thought of as an example of “color and weave” and you’re on your way to designing unique cloth!

This is a round-robin weaving workshop with custom wound warps provided by Ruby, using a wide variety of yarns (including cotton, cottolin, tencel and bamboo). Various methods for winding complex color patterns without a paddle will be demonstrated as well as how to design yarn wrappings that are great tools to sample warp color relationships.

NOTE: upon registration, Ruby will contact all students via email with a short questionnaire to determine weaving background, personal warping methods, interests and what loom and reed they’ll be bringing. Drafts are assigned and warps are custom wound according to participant’s equipment and experience.

AUGUST 2022     Picnic

SEPTEMBER 2022    Results of Tartan Challenge (from April 2021  )   AND . . . What I did over the summer