About our meetings


Please note that calendar dates and topics are subject to change.

SEPT 11,2017 CONFERENCE RECAP: “What did you take and make”         
                        Reports from MAFA attendees.

Cuyler presents 3rd Annual Weaving Challenge due April 2018.

OCT 2,2017 Millbrook Village. History of the village given by park personnel. 11AM to 3 PM to allow for members to arrive at the village. Everyone should bring a sack lunch and a beverage.Checking out Hill House looms. Lunch outside if weather is nice, otherwise in the church.

OCT 14, 2017 (Saturday) Field Trip to Silk City Yarn Warehouse Sale and the Paterson Museum. Coordinator: Elaine McCarthy

 NOV 13, 2017 Inkle Looms – Coordinator: Brianna Lancaster

DEC 12, 2017 TUESDAY  HOLIDAY LUNCHEON: at Stroudsmoor in Stroudsburg, PA  Coordinator: Pat Sole

Note: Meetings will be held in the Green Township Building, Green Township, Sussex County, New Jersey, starting in 2018

JAN 8, 2018  Weaving your own Chenille.
Cuyler Augustino and Sally Orgren will coordinate this program, originally presented by Margriet Carrico to the guild many years ago.
A chenille draft will be provided in the newsletter in advance of the January meeting. Members will be invited to bring their warped looms to the meeting. Each member can weave their own chenille at the meeting, or choose to do so at home.
After the meeting, everyone can make as much chenille as they want to complete a final project, like a loom bench or chair cushion (small) or a whole rug. Samples and references will be available, and general estimates will be provided for projects.

FEB 12 , 2018  Daryl Lancaster. Great Garments from Handwoven Cloth

MARCH 12, 2018  Boost Your Skills Part 5:   3-4 (4 max) Stations around the room to address tips & tricks  Things that have NOT been covered in Part 1,2,3,4
Very informal. Will also have a how-to DVD on hand if necessary. 

 Note: This program could be moved if we have to cancel any earlier programs due to weather.

APRIL 9, 2018  Results of Cuyler’s 3rd Annual Weaving Challenge
Tentative: Computer Drafting Programs – Pros and cons of various PC Programs. 
with Briana Lancaster and Dee Lande, panel discussion


JUNE 11, 2018  Renegade Treadlings on Traditional Threadings – Suzi Ballenger
Ms and Os, Huck-a-Back, and Swedish Point – these traditional weave structures (and others) offer weavers the opportunity to explore myriad possibilities for towels, clothing, and accessories without a recipe! This intensive 2-hour               presentation will show what distinguishes these threadings from others, and lead us to learn how to expand our  treadling vocabulary to create our own voice in creating beautiful cloth. Handouts available for a small fee.

 Tuesday, July 24, 2018 6 p.m.
Louise Childs Branch–Sussex County Library System
21 Sparta Rd. Stanhope, NJ 07874


Colors of the World: a Textile Tour for Virtual World Travelers

A national group of handweavers undertook a year-long exploration of the book Colors of the World, by Dominique and Jean-Philippe Lenclos, producing handwoven textiles inspired by their choice of a specific location featured in the book. 

This presentation will showcase the 30 textiles that resulted from this challenge, along with explaining how color is influenced by geography, the premise of the book. There will be a demonstration of weaving, with a hands-on opportunity to try handweaving on a table loom at the conclusion of the presentation.

Byram resident Sally Orgren, Editor of the Handweavers Guild of America’s Shuttle Spindle & Dyepot magazine will be presenting. Anyone with an interest in textiles, fiber arts or travel is invited to attend.