About our meetings


Note: Meetings will be held in the Green Township Building, Green Township, Sussex County, New Jersey, starting in 2018. Meetings are held the second Monday of the month, unless the date falls on a Federal holiday such as Verterans Day or Columbus Day, then the meeting date may be altered.

Please note that calendar dates and topics are subject to change.

SEPTEMBER 09, 2019 MAFA/summer show and tell

OCTOBER 14, 2019 Dyeing Silk Scarves at Peter's Valley Fiber Studio with Beth Schwarz. This is Columbus Day

NOVEMBER 11, 2019  "I Wanna Weave THIS, not THAT!” presented by Sally Orgren

DECEMBER 10, 2019 Tuesday Holiday Lunch at Stroudsmoor Inn

JANUARY 13, 2020 images from Daryl Lancaster's 2019 craft tour of Morocco

FEBRUARY  10, 2020  Krokbragd presented by Brianna Lancaster

MARCH 9, 2020    RAG RUGS  presented by Cassie Lewis

APRIL 13, 2020 Challenge

MAY 4, 2020 Mary Underwood explains Boutonne weaving (NOTE DATE CHANGE)

JUNE 8, 2020 Ruby Leslie guest speaker about weaving structure

JUNE 8, 9, 10 Ruby Leslie workshop Bumberet: A Weaver's Recipe for 4-shaft Ribs and Chicken Feet

July 2020 No Meeting

August 2020 Annual Picnic